Press Release: Anti-fracking groups to march on the Tory Party conference

Anti-fracking grouNanas Against Frackingps and Climate Change campaigners from Frack Free Greater Manchester, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Frack Free Lancashire and other groups will be join a march on Sunday to the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on Sunday 4th October.

The feeder march will start from Salford Museum and Art Gallery at 11AM and join the main TUC anti-austerity march in Manchester. Sami, the Greenpeace Save The Arctic campaign polar bear and Friends of the Earth’s Mr Frackhead will be present.

Martin Porter from Frack Free Greater Manchester said “Fracking is the front line in the fight against the crisis of Climate Change. But Climate Change isn’t just a crisis. It’s worse than that. It’s a scandal. It’s a scandal because we can do something about it. Instead of a few hundred jobs in fracking, the Northwest could have a hundred thousand in wind and solar power, in making our houses warmer and getting our public transport work

“This is the way to fight austerity, and this is how we can make sure the solution to the climate crisis is also the solution to our social crisis.”

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