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ITS OFFICIAL- THEY PLAN TO DUMP RADIOACTIVE WASTE ON US (but we don’t know where and they haven’t got permission)

A reply came today to a Freedom of Information Request sent to Salford City Council which enquired if there is a Radioactive Waste Permit for the works at the Barton Moss site. SCC ‘are not aware of any such application being submitted to the Council’.  We are aware that the Public consultation for IGas Mining …

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New Greenpeace campaign: if we stick together we legally CAN’ T BE FRACKED

Greenpeace have put together a frac tracker to see if your postcode is under threat of a PEDL licesnce to drill. You CAN block this drilling as it is still trespass. STOP the drilling legally here.  

Friends of the Earth support our objections SIGN THEIR DRAFT LETTER!

Friends of The Earth have created a link with draft letters for the Davyhlme application. Barton Moss Mining Waste Permit consultation now under review at Environment Agency. You can still appeal to Trafford Council about the Davyhulme site- see https://frackfreegtrmanchester.org.uk/upcoming-events/public-consultation-for-mining-waste-permit-application/

Drill cuttings with radioactive waste rejected from dumps

So where will all the drill cuttings go in the UK if unconventional onshore gas / oil exploration and extraction happens? QUOTE (abstract): In the 3-month first quarter of 2013, there were already 230 incidents of waste being rejected at landfills. Doing the maths: 230/3 months = 77 incidents per month, 25 rejected loads per day. …

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