ITS OFFICIAL- THEY PLAN TO DUMP RADIOACTIVE WASTE ON US (but we don’t know where and they haven’t got permission)

A reply came today to a Freedom of Information Request sent to Salford City Council which enquired if there is a Radioactive Waste Permit for the works at the Barton Moss site.

SCC ‘are not aware of any such application being submitted to the Council’. 

We are aware that the Public consultation for IGas Mining Waste Permit at the Environment Agency closes this Thursday, the EA know this is on their desk….

Exploratory drilling brings radioactive water and mud up…

So do

a) IGas not know this is what happens

b) IGas intend to dump the waste without a permit

c) Don’t care about the environment and people of Salford

d) Some weird combination of the above which will be explained whilst muttering about environmental testing being ‘rigorous’


The same FOIR pointed out that IGas have full planning permission to GO BEYOND EXPLORING AND PRODUCE AND EXPORT CBM.

The Council granted planning approval in June 2010 under reference 10/58590/FUL:


To layout and construct a surface operations site;

            To undertake coal bed methane (CBM) appraisal drilling operations;

            To undertake coal bed methane extraction drilling operations;

            To carry out production testing of the CBM; and

To install equipment to process the CBM and where appropriate, utilise the gas as a fuel source for on-site electricity generation and / or combined heat and power (CHP) generation and / or export the gas from the site.


So- exploratory work only on site this October say IGas….



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