Operations delayed to mid November on Barton Moss site ‘due to regulatory and security concerns’


(News in The Times today, you can only see the first part of the story unless you are a subscriber)

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‘Regulatory setbacks’

We must try to imagine how difficult it is to be working at the Environment Agency….. realising that  someone in local council has made a decision to let A happen, but then the company has then tried to sneak in an application to do B…. and some campaign group has pointed out you just can’t bend the rules quietly and pass it…..

Well this may well be exactly what has happened.


IGas applied to test drill for Coal Bed Methane and got planning permission in June 2010 

..but then let it out that REALLY they also wanted to drill for SHALE, 5000m below -and this probably made the Planning Permission NOT WHAT WAS AGREED FOR and that would land you in huge doo doos….

So… they applied for their Mining Waste Permit, September 2013 …and in the consultation process were  told in no uncertain terms by many of us that it is simply not on. This has left bods at the Environment Agency scratching their heads as to how to square this circle.

Given the mine shafts underneath the area  which appear to have not been considered in any planning documents, coupled with the lack of any earthquake assessment for this specific site, or mention of methane flaring or venting in any applications, it may all be seeming a bit dodgy to perhaps even the Environment Agency.

Also, given IGas operations are already going to dump the Radioactive waste water and drill cuttings without telling us where, its been far more difficult to pull the wool over the eyes of the desolate northerners than perhaps IGas considered when choosing this site. These are the kind of things Cameron wants us to ignore as he tries to speed up the process of  Shale exploration


‘Security concerns’ 


.After police rang the organisers of what they must have considered a potentially dangerous birdwatching event, security appears to have been on high alert…


..or Maybe Gayzer Frackman’s visit to the site on his walk to Downing Street has caused ripples at Eccles Police Station as a small group greeted him this weekend and took photos?


Or maybe Ian Crane’s new series ‘ Fracking Nightmare’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oslB9D54VZo

which suggested camping on the moss for folk who objected to the plans in UK Column last night was the last straw. Could it be possible that delay of a month would bring colder weather for those so inclined?


Either way, poor IGas are finding it tougher than they thought to bring their toxic plans for profit and ecocide to Irlam.

frack off IGAS



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