Press Release: Salford and Trafford Councils found to be investing in fracking company iGas

For immediate release.   Research conducted by Frack Free Greater Manchester has discovered that Salford and Trafford Councils are investing in fracking company iGas via the Greater Manchester Pension Fund.  Both Councils have granted iGas planning permission to conduct exploratory drilling at different sites [1]. iGas lists Henderson Global Investors (HGI), a subsidiary of Henderson …

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Big Orange Bus blockade at Barton Moss – Wed 18th December

Following on from Monday’s wind turbine blockade, another unexpected arrival turned up on Wednesday 18th December 2013.  A big orange bus mysteriously broke down outside the iGas gates at Barton Moss –  blocking the entrance to the proposed fracking site. Five brave Barton Moss Protectors locked onto the Bus preventing access to IGas’ site. * …

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Wind Turbine blockade: interview on Russia Today

Helen Rimmer from Frack Free Greater Manchester and Salford speaks to Russia Today about renewables, fracking, fuel poverty and a curious wind turbine laid outside the gates of iGas.

54 foot Wind Turbine used in blockade of IGas site at Barton Moss

Fracking test site in Greater Manchester blockaded with giant wind turbine blade Fifty pro-renewables campaigners deliver 17 metre, 1.5 tonne wind turbine blade as “Christmas gift” for fracking company IGas Entrance to Barton Moss test site blocked, to prevent drilling vehicles from entering Contact: 07821 315 254 (Frack Free Greater Manchester Press) At 5.30 this …

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We will not tolerate Police Brutality at Peaceful Protest

Join the Rally 10th December 9AM BARTON MOSS LANE ECCLES M30 7RL     Today, December 9th 2013, the police made 5 violent and needless arrests of peaceful protesters at Barton Moss Community Protection Camp including a strip search of a woman, allegedly with no just cause, and a legal observer.VIDEO FOOTAGE HERE: Exploration company IGas want to …

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Demonstration: Sun 8th December, 12.30pm, Barton Moss Rd

Facebook event here SAY NO TO COAL BED METHANE & SHALE GAS! Sunday 8th December 2013 12.30pm Support the Barton Moss Protection Camp! Support the fight to stop fracking everywhere! Call out to everyone opposed to turning Greater Manchester, other parts of the UK and elsewhere in the World into a fracking hell! BRING YOUR …

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Press Release: Campaigners call for fracking company to come clean on plans

For immediate release. 3rd December 2013   Campaign group Frack Free Greater Manchester have called for more transparency from the government and fracking industry about the extent of their work and the dangers posed by unconventional gas extraction. A BBC poll of 1400 people published today found that 73% of respondents were concerned about the consequences …

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Barton Community Protection Camp Wish list

Items wanted and needed at the camp: Facebook page regularly updated: Wood-always!!! NO MORE BISCUITS!!!    

FREE Legal observer training 7th December

Saturday, December 7, 2013  12:00pm Ever seen police at a protest do something you’re sure they shouldn’t? Ever wanted to help out the victims of police bad behaviour? Train to be a Legal Observer with GBC!Green and Black Cross are an activist support network providing Legal Observers and training for those involved in protest for …

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Barton Moss Protectors (video)

A Peaceful Pioneer of the Barton Moss Protection Camp discusses some of the issues of the dangers of fracking.