Press Release: People’s Climate March, Manchester, Sunday 21st September, 11AM

People's Climate March ManchesterFrack Free Greater Manchester’s rally and lobby of the Labour Party Conference in Manchester will include a march from Piccadilly Gardens in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of people expected to march through New York, London and eight other major cities to demand action on Climate Change. (1)

Frack Free Greater Manchester expects the rally to be the largest gathering against fracking in the UK since the 1200 marched through the city on 9 March 2014.(2)

The rally will start in Piccadilly Gardens at 11AM and then will proceed through the city to Manchester Central, adjacent to the Labour Party Conference in the Midlands Hotel, with speeches from Natalie Bennett Leader of the Green Party and representatives of activist groups and Trade Unions opposed to fracking. (3)

In the evening of Friends of the Earth will be hosting the fringe event “Fracking’s not the future” (4)

On Friday 26th September Manchester will host Fracking Conference North, a £350 a head meeting between ‘stakeholders’ in the fracking debate.

Martin Porter of Frack Free Greater Manchester said “In the global battle against Climate Change fracking is the current front line. The people are a long way ahead of the politicians in recognising how serious the problem. Politics in this country now consists of money speaking to power and vice versa. We want to bring democracy back into the fracking debate and make the party that in 1945 really was ‘the greenest government ever’ listen to the voters.”


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4) “Fracking is not the future”, 7:30PM, Novotel, 21 Dickinson St, Manchester M1 4LX speakers include Barbara Keeley MP and Trafford councillor Joanne Harding. Contact

5) Fracking Conference North


    • Peter Lazenby on September 20, 2014 at 09:34
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    I’m Northern Reporter for the Morning Star. Could someone send me a photo and brief report from the march for publication in Monday’s Morning Star? I’d need the material by 4pm on Sunday. Thanks.

    • Phoebe on September 21, 2014 at 13:34
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    How many people marched in Manchester today? Would like to put in BBC Radio Manchester’s bulletins.
    0161 228 2255



    1. According to the Police, at least a thousand in Manchester.

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