Update from Salford

It’s fast progress on site at Barton Moss as the defences are being built high and strong to defend from the passing birdwatchers…… 

oct 19th moss

Barton Moss site yesterday: operators building the defences 


Police have bullied a birdwatching event from happening near the site- in spite of it being clearly advertised as a nature lovers, family friendly day.  http://www.salfordstar.com/article.asp?id=1998. Paranoia about peaceful and legal community protests has reached into the tea rooms of Eccles police station it seems, and with a government agenda to pursue this toxic technology, the police are towing the corporate interest line.


As global frackdown day took to Eccles with Manchester Friends of The Earth holding a stall on Eccles Market,

Friends of the Earth in Eccles (4)


talking with members of the public about fracking, Most people were against the work seeing it as a money grab, and dangerous to the environment, but many were not aware of the sheer scale of the damage, dangers, or extent of future operations. Some people believed the cheap energy hype. It is slow to turn attention to this issue in this part of the UK, however, Ian Crane had an interview with a member of the public brought progress in seeing the wider implications of unconventional fossil fuel exploitation



Here is the road to the site today, taken by The Man of The Mosses on his morning mooch to see the birds.

oct 20th road



Meanwhile, elsewhere in the UK, concern is growing that the activities on site are escalating rapidly, and are unchallenged on the ground. Our hearts and minds are in solidarity with the protectors in Canada, Balcombe, Fylde.

As I write this article, I am wondering where the people are to defend this land.

In hope and for all our relations

Watch this space,


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