Our Promise

We are the people of Greater Manchester, and we are opposing any attempts to explore or undertake any High Volume slickwater Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) of our land for extracting Coal Bed Methane (CBM), shale gas, or Underground Coal Gasification(UCG).

We hope to provide information,  resources and solidarity for anyone who is interested in joining the call to ban fracking in this area, and in the UK .  And we are growing.

We are defending Barton Moss, the Green Lungs of the City, and the Dayhulme site, from a sad vision that a minority of people seek to profit from in the short term. We are vigilant for future applications as more Planning Permissions are sought in this Dash For Gas.

As the sourcing and use of energy becomes a global issue, we’re not willing to cause irreversible damage and pollute our home planet to get at it.

There are far better ways and we know it.

 We won’t be letting any misinformation, spin and political agendas distract us from this truth.

We do not believe that extraction of Coal Bed Methane, Shale Gas or ‘Unconventional Gas resources’ (and creeping towards this goal through test drilling), is the way to go about life on this planet.

We welcome the transition to a cleaner planet through a complete reform of local, national and international policy.

We do not believe the myth that CBM or unconventional fuels is part of this transition.

We are ready to work with all people who embrace the reality that the decisions we make today, our grandchildren will have to live with tomorrow.

We know that this is not merely protecting our land, air and water from pollution.

We are ready to challenge ecocidal policy and activity.

We are willing to find new ways of sourcing clean energy; we are learning to work WITH our planet.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.