Show Your Solidarity With Tina Rothery



Solidarity with Tina as she faces Cuadrilla in court

#IAmTinaRothery #DontFrackJustice


For the past five years Tina Rothery has been a dedicated Frack Free Lancashire Nana, and driving force for the UK anti-fracking movement.

Many have had the privilege to hear her talk, walk in trucks with her at Barton Moss and at Balcombe, and share cake with her and the Nanas, in a field in Lancashire earmarked for fracking by Cuadrilla.

This last peaceful action has seen Tina hit by a £55,000 law suit for occupying a field to protect her community from harm.

We walk shoulder to shoulder in support of Tina again.

Please show your solidarity:

1. Support Tina at Blackpool Court

June 24th


Blackpool Law Courts, Chapel Street, FY1 5RJ


2. Tweet your online support to Tina




Solidarity with Tina as she faces Cuadrilla in court

#IAmTinaRothery #DontFrackJustice


3. Share our Statement of Support

Frack Free Greater Manchester’s Jenny Ross:

I heard Tina’s name before I met her. She was supposed to be talking about fracking in a live interview with David Cameron on the radio. The interview never happened. He backed down. This I thought, without ever meeting Tina, is a woman who makes leaders run scared.

When I did finally meet her it was at Barton Moss camp. She was sitting around a camp fire on a sunny day with the biggest smile on her face. She was talking. Gentle. Eloquent. Wise. The kind of person who you aspire to be like. Tirelessly positive. A sunbeam in human form with the most welcoming smile I have ever seen. That is how I always think of Tina: with that beautiful open smile. I’m sure we all do.

I don’t think I am speaking out of turn to say it pains us all deeply to think of the trial she is currently being put through by Cuadrilla for putting a few tents in a field and then leaving. Tina is being pursued for costs to the tune of £55, 342.37 for an eviction that never actually happened.

I think I may have a heart attack if that happened to me, but Tina? She is still smiling. And do you know why? Because never once has she wavered in her resolve to stop the fracking industry. And this petty attempt to make an example of her certainly won’t stop her. What it will do is further prove that the only way this industry can get a foothold is by bullying and intimidating people, by trying to make them afraid.

What they fail to understand though is this: that nothing is more frightening to us than what they propose to do to our communities, our land, our water, our families and our children’s futures if this industry goes ahead. No sum of money we are asked to pay. No twisting of legislation. No corruption of democracy will stop us. No unreasonable force. This is a pivotal moment and we stand united against this industry and united in support of Tina. With the same dignified, peaceful resolve Tina has shown for the past five years, we hold our heads up and say, we are not afraid. We will not be beaten.

We are all Tina Rothery.



Please join us in supporting Tina at The Law Courts, Chapel St, Blackpool FY1 5RJ on June 24th 9am

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  1. NO TO FRACKING – As a Nana, we fear for our children and their children – their future, the future! Do we have to disturb and cause disruption (at least) to our geological infrastructure, allowing gases to escape (as in U.S.A. + Australia), injecting hydrochloride into our aquafers by a huge American corporation when things are so different in this small island of ours and our water supplies are limited (I’m on a panel discussing the sharing out of water in the south of England in the immediate future covering shortages!) Keep going Tina – we have to be in solidarity or we give our land and resources away to others to do what they will eg Cuadrilla, giant drilling company! Carolx

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