Press Release: Campaigners call for fracking company to come clean on plans

Well Setter arriving at Barton MossFor immediate release. 3rd December 2013  

Campaign group Frack Free Greater Manchester have called for more transparency from the government and fracking industry about the extent of their work and the dangers posed by unconventional gas extraction. A BBC poll of 1400 people published today found that 73% of respondents were concerned about the consequences of fracking.

Rachel Thompson from Frack Free Greater Manchester said, “The fact that 73% of people are concerned about the consequences of fracking is justified – fracking has only happened once in the UK and it caused an earthquake. When I look at the damage fracking has caused in America and Australia I know that we have no choice but to stop it happening here.”

The same study also showed that 44% of people of the people surveyed were in favour of fracking, 22% were undecided and 34% were against fracking.

Local Salford resident Sheila Bannon said, “I think that these polls will change as people realise the extent of the government’s plans. Initially I did not think there would be a problem with this industry but as I found out the nature and extent of IGas’ intentions, I felt lied to by the government and let down by my local council for allowing this to happen. The industry and the government have downplayed the massive scale of their fracking plans – we’re looking at the prospect of 20,000 wells across the North West which is a complete industrialisation our region[1].”

What we’re up against is a barrage of misinformation from the fracking industry and government. Cameron and Osborne have been selling fracking with the promise of bringing down energy bills and creating more jobs, but even Cuadrilla chairman Lord Browne admitted last week that it won’t have a material impact on prices.”  [2]

In September this year, climate economist Lord Stern dismissed David Cameron’s claim that fracking could bring down UK energy bills as ‘baseless economics’. [3]

Evidence from the US and Australia has linked fracking to water contamination and air pollution, and the UK’s only fracking operation so far at Preese Hall in Lancashire in 2011 resulted in earth tremors. While other European countries follow a precautionary approach – with bans or moratoriums in place in France, Bulgaria, Holland and parts of the US, Germany and Austria – the UK Government is offering tax breaks and easing planning rules to fast-track the industry.

Engineering Consultancy firm; AMEC, have stated that the amount of jobs provided will be a third of the governments estimates, they will be short term and the majority will not go to people in the local area.  [4]


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The BBC poll can be seen here and BBC North West Tonight footage here.


Notes to Editors

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