Keep It in the Ground – Mobilisation Tour

Wed 12 October 2016
7pm  @ Madlabs, Manchester
Address: 36-40 Edge Street, M4 1HN
Download the Manchester flyer
With Frack Free Greater Manchester and Reclaim the Power

After years of being pushed back by community efforts to oppose fracking, the extreme energy industry is still pressing ahead with plans to extract shale gas and other unconventional fossil fuels across the UK.

Meanwhile, other fossil fuel extraction sites are receiving planning permission despite government pledges to phase out fossil fuels in the Paris Agreement made last December 2015.

With commercial-scale fracking sites such as Preston New Road in Lancashire potentially becoming operational soon (decision expected 6 October 2016) Reclaim the Power is teaming up with local campaigners to discuss what strategies and tactics could be most effective to oppose these destructive industries.

This evening will be part of a mobilisation tour across the UK to discuss;

  • the latest plans from the fracking and coal industries to extract fossil fuels in the UK.
  • what is direct action, and how can it be a powerful tactic to help communities achieve change
  • what we can learn from previous direct action campaigns against environmentally destructive projects such as the Franklin River Dam campaign and Bentley blockade against fracking in Australia
  • what might direct action against the fossil fuel industry look like here in the UK
  • how we can coordinate our actions to stop these industries in their tracks
  • Plans for a Frack Barclays week of action against Barclays Bank (owner of Third Energy, who plan to frack in Ryedale, North Yorkshire)

More info here: /keeping-it-in-the-ground-tour /

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