Press Release: Local People support Barton Moss camp as footage of police assault goes round the world

I am Local I say NoLocal people from Irlam and Brookfield came forward to support the Barton Moss Protection Camp as footage of an assault on a Legal Observer was shown around the world, including on Al Jezeera. (1.)

PRESS RELEASE Thursday 22 January 2014.  15:00.

Protectors at the Barton Moss Camp are sleeping in atrocious conditions to raise public awareness of the negative effects of fracking locally and nationally, and receive a huge amount of support from locals who applaud their actions.

Local people joined a solidarity march with the camp on Sunday 12th January whilst others honked their support as a 800-strong group of protestors marched to the site in a show of support for the camp. Anti-fracking stickers can be seen in windows along Liverpool Road and around the Irlam and Brookhouse Estates.

A resident of the Brookhouse estate who did not want his name made public told Frack Free Greater Manchester “I am a ‘Local Resident’ not a travelling protestor as all people attending the camp have been labelled and can confirm there has been no affect on myself or indeed my neighbours by any anti-fracking marches. To the contrary the only adverse affects to local residents over recent months have been the increased traffic caused by Salford Council widening the A57 road and by the increased heavy traffic serving the Igas drilling site at Barton Moss.”Kris assaulted

Kevin Done from Irlam, speaking after witnessing the arrest of two camp members peacefully protesting on Barton Moss Lane last week, said: Having witnessed today’s horror show, are the police just trying to distract the attention away from the real issue of the dangers of fracking? If anything today’s actions have made me and my family more determined to carry on till this atrocity is stopped forever.”

Daniel Heathcote of Irlam contacted FFGM after reading the claims made on the Greater Manchester on their Facebook page (2) “GMP are getting right on my nerves at the moment and that rubbish they just put on their FB got my back right up.”  He responded GMP “A Flare fired at the Police? You had NO evidence and the site was searched 2 days after the supposed Flare fired. …You are only releasing this statement on this FB page because GMP have been shown in a bad light across the world the last couple of days due to the TAU beating up a disabled Legal Observer.


Martin Porter of FFGM said “The police are in a difficult position as Igas have the legal right to drill , but no social license from the local community. However that is no excuse for the increasingly violent arrest of people engaging in peaceful civil disobedience or for placing frankly unlikely charges of threats that are unlikely to ever result in a conviction, but serve to vilify campaigners and deter ordinary people from supporting the camp.”


1.    (1) Livestream captured violent of anti fracking protester

2.    (2) Greater Manchester Police on facebook


Contact:  07821315254

Contact:  07821315254


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    • SadButMadLad on January 25, 2014 at 23:16
    • Reply

    Are local people supporting the Occupy protesters? I think not according to other locals.

    All you are doing is splitting a community, just like Occupy did at Balcombe. You end up with people who are against the antis and don’t care one jot about fracking.

    1. Plenty of local support at the camp, at the rallies and online and in the press.

      That article is based on a GMP press release. need we say more?

      Watch this space though as there is large door-to-door survey of the local area being conducted as we speak.

        • SadButMadLad on February 1, 2014 at 12:38
        • Reply

        I’m not saying that there isn’t any local support at all, just that your claims that you have local support implying a majority is nothing of the sort. A few people out of a population of tens of thousands is nothing.

        PS. What’s a social license? It is not legal term and is not set out in law. Do you mean a majority of the community? Just like the majority that was claimed in Balcombe where it was really the majority of those who answered the survey forms. Will the same be done with the survey you are carrying out?

          • Tony on February 10, 2014 at 05:33
          • Reply

          SadButMadLad. You again! The guy leaving anti protester messages all over youtube, on behalf of IGas. and other fracking companies. SadbutMadLad, seems to be employed by the fracking industry in some way. His comments in my opinion are fake, deceptive, fraudulent and not independent in anyway.

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