Blog: Residents counter latest installment of GMP Smear Campaign

Mirror imageYet more political policing from GMP, who have today released a statement containing a series of false accusations and lies.

We had seen this coming. After all, the police presence on Barton Moss Road mostly coincides with the arrival of trucks, as they act not to facilitate the right to peaceful protest, but to facilitate the interests of IGas. GMP  have essentially been acting in the role of a private security firm which is paid by the taxpayer. When over 800 people marched to Barton Moss on 12th January, there was again no violence from protesters and a tiny police presence with no arrests.

The brutality of GMP has come to the public eye shocking many, as officers have repeatedly been caught on video and live-streamed arresting protesters for peaceful and lawful demonstration, often brutally. This latest smear campaign is their response.

Here is the truth.

Barton Moss Community Protection Camp is a collection of concerned individuals with the sole purpose of campaigning peacefully against fracking. No violence has ever come from the camp in spite of serious physical provocation from the police. Not one of GMPs violent arrests of protesters has been met with retaliation, and they have been documented.

The officer who alleges harm to his hand ‘taking a campaigner of a fence’, was not injured as a result of the individual. There has not been any evidence produced of the alleged flare incident, which would have been recorded if true and acted upon more swiftly than 48 hours.

Any allegations of threats of violence to security guards have not been proven in court. All of these attempts to infer the camp is violent are strongly refuted.

GMP statement says,

‘We are increasingly seeing protesters trying to jump in front of HGVs or jump down from trees on top of moving lorries – it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured if they continue to act in a reckless manner’ .

The reality is that no-one has jumped in front of a HGV (a HGV once drove recklessly AT a protector!!) and no one has attempted to jump down from trees – GMP  cut down 3 trees after a one day old tree house was built and played in, under police guard, without any request to remove it.

Of the many Salford residents that regularly visit/stay at the site, all reported they have not seen a flare, seen any evidence from GMP of a flare, and are sickened by the latest police tactic to lie about the camp. Locals are above all else support and are part of the camp. More Salford residents have arrived since seeing the violence against camp-residents from the police to the protesters.

After the brutal arrest of Kris this week, GMP refused to allow his solicitor to attend him in hospital, shoving him in the chest and telling him to ‘fuck off’.

Barton Moss Community Protection Camp continues to uphold its lawful right to peacefully protest in spite of the police brutality and smear campaign against it.



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